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Buy Online: Quiet / Low-noise Fireworks

low-noise, quiet fireworks

Quiet fireworks: Softly-softly for serene celebrations

This selection of fireworks has been specially chosen for those who don't like their fireworks noisy, or whose situation and consideration for others limits the sound levels they can enjoy.
Orders placed now will NOT be delivered in time for Christmas or New Year
Fantasia - low-noise display pack by Kimbolton Fireworks
kimbolton fireworks FANTASIA   SORRY - UNAVAILABLE  

A complete, quiet fireworks display.

An inspired mix of colourful and lively, but low-noise, fireworks. Ideal for parties and social occasions where impressive fireworks are required, at a reduced noise level. Contains no loud bangs or whistles, bit still has plenty of action, colour and excitement.

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tomahawk, quiet rockets
kimbolton fireworks TOMAHAWK ROCKET PACK


A pack of 25 traditional rockets with coloured stars and glitter effects.

Ideal for restricted spaces and situations where loud bangs are unsuitable (rec min. viewing distance 5m). The Tomahawk rocket pack is designed to be significantly lower in volume, relying for its appeal on coloured stars and glitter effects. These rockets have a gentle burst suitable for garden displays and low-key occasions.

Also contains 10 portfires for lighting, and rocket tubes.

sparklersSPARKLERS make your occasion really memorable. BIG pack of forty beautiful gold or coloured 14" sparklers at only £10.00
BUY: gold | coloured
procession torches, waxTORCHES - for atmosphere, illumination and processions these wax torches will burn for over an hour (less in a breeze) A case of 24 is just £35.00 (BUY) LITEROPES for fun or fund-raising, 22" tri-colour literopes sell at £1.50 or £2.00.
Tube of 50: £45.00 (BUY)



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