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Single Ignition Units

The No.1 choice of many enthusiasts and favourite for weddings and parties.



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Single Ignitions are an 'it does what it says on the tin' type of firework - you light it just once and then step back and enjoy the show with everyone else.

Inside, these fireworks are crammed with an array of individual fireworks, all fused internally to fire in sequence.
[ See FAQ Glossary ]

brute force single ignition from standard fireworks
standard fireworks BRUTE FORCE

A spectacular 42 shot single ignition firework with a rapid sequence of aerial effects including red comets, crackle mines, whistling tails, and massive palm bursts with a finale of fizzing crackle.

Approximate duration 1 minute.

freeSpecial Offer. Buy Brute Force and get Helios FREE !

HELIOS A dramatic ‘chasing fan’ effect with silver comets, crackle mines, whistles, silver palms, brocade mines and a crackling burst finale.

Approximate duration 30 seconds. RRP £40.00

skybolt single ignition firework


SPECIAL OFFER - rrp £69.99 Our Price £55. Save £14.99 !

A steady start of red pearls ascending and busting into white shellbursts is followed by bright crackling comets & more shellbursts intensifying with more comets to a spine tingling finale of massive brocade palm bursts.  Great for New Year's Eve.

Approximate duration 2 minutes.

oblivion single ignition firework display

standard fireworks OBLIVION

80 super shots in 70 seconds

A spectacular 80 shot barrage with a rapid fire sequence of aerial blasts creating a fanned multi-effect display. Sky filling 'sweeping arc' effects including red and silver glitter starbursts, crackle and brocade mines and silver palms - ending with a champagne crackle finale.

gunpowdewr plot single ignition


Fabulous 100 shot cake - firing in rows of 10.

Starting with crackling tails to multicolour breaks, then crackling mines to crackling bouquets, changing to red and green tails to silver spinners, then repeated for the next 60 shots. The last 10 shots are fired in rapid succession for a sky filling finale. Even Guy Fawkes himself would have been impressed!

Duration 70 seconds, 100 shots.

Don't forget the sparklers. To buy more, adjust the quantity in the shopping cart
king of colour single ignition

King of Colour single ignition: view the video Triple-breaking action 70 shots - each triple bursting in red, silver, green, yellow and purple. An amazing 210 aerial starbursts of palms and peonies with loud bangs in just over a minute.

An impressive firework, a superb finale for any display and great for New Year's Eve.

2 minute spectacular single ignition firework display


REDUCED - WAS £99 save £10A fabulous long duration single ignition barrage, featuring crackling clusters, glitter stars, rising comet tails to red, green and multicolour bursts - culminating in a spectacular finale. Ideal for Weddings, Birthdays, or parties.
Light this once, step back and enjoy your own professional firework display. Massive starbursts of blues, greens and glitter, beautiful palms, brocades and starbursts stretching across the sky, leading to an intense and awe inspiring finale of titanium crackle.

Approximate duration 2 minutes.

end game - single ignition firework


SPECIAL OFFER - rrp £125.00 Our Price £99. Save £26.00 !

An amazing display of all that is best in the world of pyrotechnical wizardry. Rich colours, strobe effects, subtle hues with beautiful comet tails, perfect bursts and to a finale of gold glittering crossette stars, whistles and crackles.

173 Shots. Duration 65 seconds.

apollo finale - roman candle barrage from Kimbolton

kimbolton fireworks APOLLO FINALE

A fast-firing roman candle combination barrage - shooting a stream of 180 colour and noise effects in 35 seconds.

Great as an opening or finale firework, or use on its own for a fast-paced sky filling display.

centurion single ignition

black cat fireworks single ignition CENTURION

quote - FHM reviewAn awesome 105 shot display of all that is best in the world of pyrotechnical wizardry. The show kicks off with an earth shattering blitz of mine effects, multi level crackling starbursts, massive golden palms and chaotic dragon ball comets creating a fanned display with a finale of sparkling glitter and giant chrysanthemum bursts.Reviewed in FHM magazine

Light this once, stand back and be amazed by your own professional pyro display – guaranteed to impress.quote - FHM

Duration approx 1 min.
illusion triple pack from standard fireworks
standard fireworks ILLUSION TRIPLE QUAD PACK

A stunning triple-pack of single ignition fireworks, providing spectacular results with very simple set-up.
Ideal for New Years Eve.

Fantasy An awesome aerial extravaganza. Silver tailed comets lead the way to a ‘near professional’ display of sound and colour – with giant golden palms, crackling willows and glitter bursts. Approx duration 45 secs. 51 shots.
Reveal A glorious selection of red, gold, green and silver comets rising and bursting into huge red, gold, brocade and pink palms with a strobing glitter finale. 48 shots. Approx duration 45 secs.
Mirage Alternate firings of colourful green glitter comets with pink bursts and silver glitter aerial jewellery with red tailed chrysanthemum bursts. 59 shots. Approx duration 35 secs.

outstanding single ignition


Outstanding value and performance.

Sensational effects from this stunning barrage that has everything. Red, green, white and blue mines changing to silver and yellow comet tails with red, blue and silver stars bursting above, topped with whistling spinners and a thunderous finale. .

Duration nearly 2 minutes

moonlight magic single ignition firework display


Top-of-the range superb single ignition firework offering large-bore shots of golden tails to crackling rain, gold tails to strobe stars, colour peony, gold tails to red and green bursts, terminating in a noisy and vibrant finale.
An excellent 'stand alone' firework, or a great addition to any display.

Approximate duration 3 minutes.

royal jubilee single ignition from Kimbolton

kimbolton fireworks ROYAL JUBILEE

2 minutes duration 200-shot single ignition.

A vertical firing sequenced aerial display comprising of white glitter, green comets, silver coconuts, red and blue bombards changing to multicolour with silver tail - concluding with a crackling finale.

nebular, single ignition pack from Kimbolton
kimbolton fireworks NEBULAR

A superb twin pack, featuring two superb 100 shot single ignition fireworks. Each firework approx 50 sec.

STEEL RAINBOW A superb combination battery starting with scintillating fountains, followed by a very rapid succession of multi-coloured mines, proceeding to loud bombards before a dramatic crackling finish.

VIVACIOUS opens with white strobe fountains, followed by sequences of splitting waves (centre-out and back again), pink and blue star bombards, double sweeping gold mines and a final volley of whistles.

single ignition triple pack from standard fireworks

An awesome threesome of large multi-shot ‘single ignition’ batteries - one ‘fanned’ and two ‘upright’, producing a wide range of truly spectacular effects.

G-Force 48 shot fan. Red comets; blue comets to white glitter; green comets, purple tail to green glitter; Red tail to red stars and crackle; red tail to silver willow; blue tails to silver willow.
Solar Flare 65 shot. White glitter comets; red stars; green glitter with red and purple stars; gold comets to Golden glitter; silver comets to silver glitter bursts; finale of crackle tails to crackle bursts.
Intensity 55 Shot. Mine effects; blue stars with green glitter; gold palms with glitter pistils; brocade with blue pistil; Red, green and yellow chrysanthemum with colour centre; finale of sky blue and lemon stars with titanium crackle.

ultimate quad pack from standard fireworks
standard fireworks ULTIMATE QUAD PACK


This awesome selection contains not one, but four large single ignition fireworks; two 'upright' and two 'fanned' - providing a short but truly spectacular display.

Energiser 29 shots; multicoloured tails, huge star-bursts, glorious silver willows, brocade and crackle
Flashback 55 shots; coloured comets, coloured star-bursts, giant gold palms, brocades, crackles and glitter mines
Torment 59 shots; fanned - coloured stars, glitter tails, whistles, comets, crackle mines and delayed crackle finale
Impact 272 shots; fanned - rapid fire multi-coloured comets, crackling glitter, giant star-bursts with brocade and crackle finale

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Tube of 50: £45.00 (BUY)



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