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Free fireworks, discounts, sponsorship, cash donations

At I often receive requests to support various causes, charities and fund-raising appeals by donating or discounting fireworks; often with a back-up request for cash or 'any other help' . To save repeated email replies on my part, and fruitless effort and anticipation on yours, I have set out here my standard response.

Firstly, the fireworks; I don't actually have any. I am a web designer and one of the sites I publish (this one) is on the subject of fireworks. As it says elsewhere on the site, fireworks are offered for sale by Jubilee Fireworks. This website receives a commission on sales but this means that the profit margin is split, but the overheads in achieving this margin are increased since there are the website expenses in addition to the normal costs of retailing any product.

As to making a donation; as an individual I make donations to charities of my own choosing. They are as dear to me as, no doubt, yours are to you, which is why I have chosen to support them. It means that I have no spare resources, financial or otherwise, to support other causes, no matter how worthy.

So I wish you well with your fund-raising and events but I regret that I pursue my own endeavours and I am not in a position to assist with yours.

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