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Print: Periodicals

John Bennett's Fireworks Magazine is the only print periodical devoted to fireworks in the UK, and covers a complete range of topics: trade and technical reports, reviews of displays, history, collections, publications, news stories, correspondence etc.

The Journal of Pyrotechnics, is a technical journal on pyrotechnics, including fireworks, pyrotechnic special effects, propellants & rocketry, and civilian pyrotechnics. Articles encompass reports on research, reviews, and tutorials. The Journal is published twice a year. All back issues are available. Click here for details.

Several publications concerning the outdoor events industry frequently publish articles relating to fireworks:
• Access All Areas: Inside Communications Ltd, 1st Floor, Bank House, 23 Warwick Rd, Coventry, CV12EW. Tel 024 7657 1171
• Event & Venue Specialist: Magazine for the industry professional, aimed directly at marketing and event organisers (issue 9, Sept 2004 has a feature on fireworks).
• Event Organiser:is the official journal of TESA (The Event Services Association), the UK body representing event organisers and suppliers to the industry. TESA are also the organisers of the Championships at Plymouth so there is regular content about fireworks in the magazine.
Print: Booklets & Leaflets
DTI. A selection of publications is available from the Department of Trade and Industry, notably the Home Safety Network. Information on other relevant publications is available by email.
HMSO. The official source for all Bills, Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments and so forth is Her Majesty's Stationery Office.
1.WorldWideWeb: There is no separate links list here because links are featured within their context in the appropriate section of the site. There are a few which offer wider content than any one category:
UK Fireworks Review Independent, knowledgeable reviews of fireworks available in the UK, written by enthusiasts. Much useful background information. Subscribers-only sections, including an active and popular forum. is 'an online community for the modern amateur pyrotechnic artist. This subscription based website provides in depth articles of interest to both the beginner and advanced pyrotechnist, while also providing a wealth of easy to use reference material such as a formula database, chemical dictionary, member forum and numerous interactive calculators'.
Other useful web sites:
Event Management UK - Event Management and other related links

2. Mailing Lists A useful means of sharing information and opinions; on a Mailing List email sent by any list member is sent to everyone on the list. Yahoo! Groups can also be read on the web and are supported by advertising.
PyroUK 'PyroUK is a mailing list aimed solely at pyro sources and techniques in the UK ("sensible stuff only"). Still open but no posts since 2008 (16.06.10)
SussexBonfire Sussex Bonfire Society have their own discussion group for: "discussion of bonfires, fireworks and similar customs. Legislation, history, beer available and all things Bonfire".

3. Bulletin Boards or Forums BBs are the notice boards of the internet with postings organised by subject, or thread, and displayed on a web site.
• British Pyrotechnics Association. Members' only BB. Join via the Association's web site.

4. Newsgroups These subject-based discussion groups can be found on Newsnet, and read by dedicated newsreader such as Newswatcher, or via Outlook Express. on Google (look for 'News' above the main search box) or on a web-based reader such as Interbulletin.
rec.pyrotechnics - the most active of the fireworks newsgroups
alt.pyrotechnics  }   these three are moribund with virtually no traffic.   
• Fireworks Fantasy. The latest video (no.13 in the series) covers the Shugborough and Southport firework events, plus fireworks displays at many other events. £20.00. Details from Fiesta Firework Productions, 2 Elder St, Skegby, Sutton in Ashfield, Notts NG17 3FE.
• Bonfire Society videos. £13, from Bristow Bonfire Video, 19 Reginald Rd, Bexhill-on-Sea, E.Sussex, TN39 3PH
• Free Video !! Download footage, in video format, of fireworks at Crystal Palace in the '30s and Brocks factory, from BritishPathe (search for 'fireworks')
fireworks DVDDVD

• British Musical Fireworks Championships, Southport. DVDs, each one and a half hours long, of the three nights of the Southport.

Separate DVDs available for each year from 2003 to 2006. Click here

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