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Care and welfare, treatments and therapies

As well as due consideration for others in planning the time of fireworks use, and the volume of noise, special care must be taken when pets and other animals are involved.

This question has been addressed by vets and other qualified and experienced people and extensive help, advice and treatment is available.
Blue Cross code - pets and animals 'Remember, remember the 5th of November' ... but please don't forget your pets. This is the message of The Blue Cross, an animal welfare charity which publishes the Blue Cross Code. Available online and in print form, this gives specific advice for dogs, cats and horses, as well as general guidance for other animals.
The Blue Cross, Shilton Road, Burford, Oxon OX18 4PF Tel: 01993 822651 Fax: 01993 823083 www.bluecross.org.uk Registered Charity No: 224392
Animal Welfare leaflet
Blue Cross Animal Welfare leaflet.
The Kennel Cluib: advice for dog owners on Fireworks Night 'To help your dog get through Firework Night, the following suggestions are being made by the Kennel Club and other UK animal charities. . . ' read more »
FearofFireworks.com "As a pet owner and a practicing vet, I am only too well aware of the distress caused to pets every year by fireworks". Peter Coleshaw BVSc MRCVS has researched this subject from extensive personal experience and professional practice.
At FearofFireworks.com you can learn about effective treatments both preventative and curative. Separate methods involve the proven use of both de-sensitisation using sounds on a CD, and pheromones for natural reinforcement of an animals instincts of security: Wright & Morten, Veterinary Surgeons, 18 Moodly St, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4AP Tel 01260 273222 email: vets@congletoncheshire.fsnet.co.uk
SoundsScary.com Sound Therapy 4 Pets produces a range of CDs for treating pets with noise phobias. Each disc comes complete with a manual that explains the development of phobias and how they can affect an animal. The manual also includes a unique scoring system to assess the severity of a phobia and full instructions for using the CD to treat it.
Sound Therapy was set up by Sarah Heath and Jon Bowen, two British vets who exclusively treat behaviour problems in pets. They run clinics all over England, and each treats hundreds of cases every year.
email: sound therapy 4 pets Tel: 01244 371 473

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