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The tradition, heritage, culture & history of fireworks

Bygones and nostalgia, fire festivals and memorabilia

In this section of fireworks.co.uk you can read all about the various historic and cultural aspects of fireworks, and fire celebrations, which form our traditions and cultural heritage.

Guy Fawkes The most obvious one to the British reader is Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot although it is not often appreciated that all of the elements of a traditional British Bonfire Night pre-date the Conspiracy. Fireworks, November bonfires and burning of effigies were all in common use long before King James1st enshrined Guy Fawkes Lanternthem in law as a national celebration. It is not surprising then, that fire celebrations span a much wider range with torchlight processions, and the burning of many things other than just bonfires.

Read more about the various fire festivals throughout Britain, the unique Bridgwater squibbing, and Green Man - the enigmatic figure and his connections with fireworks.

Read about the Guy Fawkes Lantern - in the hands of the Gunpowder Plotter as he was arrested in the act of lighting the fuse.


Some of the fireworks names which many readers will remember from their own childhood have long since disappeared, and even more recent ones such as the popular Men Shun range have fallen victim to recent economic times.

In the Nostalgia section you can re-visit some ‘ these you have loved ’ from your childhood. Pictures of bygones from the likes of Astra and Brocks and quite a few discontinued ones from Standard Fireworks - happily still selling their up-to-date selection. There are various examples of advertising and promotional material, and point-of-sale items which would have appeared in shops to promote the sale of fireworks. Also in Nostalgia are some notes and pictures about the history of Britain's production of that essential component of fireworks - gunpowder.


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