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Fireworks Nostalgia

Memorabilia, Bygones and Historical Interest items.

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wells display card, standard selection box



This section is a miscellany of memorabilia. Fireworks from the past, merchandising and packaging, graphics, images, press cuttings - in fact, anything old with a connection to fireworks.
  • makers past and present
  • ephemera
  • merchandising
  • display
  • packaging
A slideshow of posters, advertisements, point-of-sale and promotional material from Astra, Benwell, Brocks, Pains, Wells and Wessex Fireworks.
above:a Wells showcard, Standard Selection box 'size 12', two 'Days Gone By' fireworks vans, Cains Bonfire Toffee ale, and Shugborough ale.  
astra fireworks showcard

Above: Astra Fireworks display card Right: 1897 poster for the Sherborne Bonfire Boys Carnival
Sherborne Bonfire poster

CREDITS: Items on this page are from the collection of Chris Pearce of Jubilee Fireworks

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