Kings School Summer Ball 2016 Part Two

summer ball professional firework display by ghengis fireworks for the kings school rochester

Kings School Rochester asked us for the second year running, to put on a firework display to celebrate their end of year Summer Ball. The fireworks for the display were set up in the stunning Pavilion grounds in Rochester, the setting was perfect as was the weather. The video below is just some of the fireworks we set […]

Kings School Summer Ball 2016 Part One

summer ball professional firework display by ghengis fireworks for the kings school rochester

Kings School Fireworks Display on the 8th of November 2016, the Kings School is in Rochester, Kent we are proud to have been asked to provide there display. This was Ghengis Fireworks second display of the year. For the Kings School in Rochester the setting and the crowd were amazing. We hope you all had […]

What is the 4th of July?

4th of July fireworks and celebration information

4th of July is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing fireworks!  we thought we would pay tribute to all our American friends with a showcase of the best fireworks pictures & biggest firework displays from the USA. Disney Magical Kingdom 4th of July Fireworks. This Fireworks Display Was in Nashville, TN  and […]

Brexit Effecting Firework Costs?

is the brexit effecting firework costs in the UK

That’s the burning question that has consumers turning Catherine wheels at the moment as many people in the industry are forecasting a sky-high hike in prices.And it is all due, they claim, to the affect of Brexit. The cost of testing, as well as that of the fireworks themselves, will, it is being forecast, inevitably […]

UNILAD Fireworks Feature our Firework Guns

UNILAD Fireworks, ghengis fireworks was featured on unilad for our firework guns

UNILAD Fireworks: To say we are happy this week would be a massive understatement, not only have all our firework display shows gone great and our containers for all our shiny new firework products arrived ready for the fast-approaching firework season, but we have also had our Firework Smurf Gun featured on UNILAD and its […]

Childrens Firework Colouring Pages

Childrens Firework Colouring Pages bonfire night guy fawkes

Here are some fireworks colouring in pages and pictures for children you to download and print off for free. to download the colouring pages please click the download link at the bottom of the page. If you would like to send us your fireworks pictures coloured in please feel free to email us via the contact […]

Cobra Firing System Part Three

cobra firing system part three by ghengis fireworks

The third and final part of our Cobra firing system blog series and we are sure you all know what’s going on but just in case were do a brief recap. The first part was talking about the 18R2 Pro Handheld firing system, and for the second part, we covered the 18M wireless firing modules and the […]

Cobra Firing System Part Two

cobra firing system part two by ghengis fireworks

By now you have probably gathered that we have a new firing system from Cobra and are breaking down the contents of it all for you. In the first part of this blog post went over the 18r2 Pro handheld controller in this part were going up write some information about the 18M Firing Module and […]

Cobra Firing System Part One

cobra firing system part one by ghengis fireworks

Over the past few years, we have been doing more and more firework displays for various events and occasions. We started out hand firing all our shows which we still love to do but for the more technical firework displays and pyro-musical displays (fireworks in time with the music) So we tried out a few and […]

How to take photos of fireworks on your iPhone

read our fireworks academy guide on how to take photos of fireworks on your iphone by ghengis fireworks

If you’re going to a firework display and own an iPhone then you don’t need to be lugging around a heavy SLR. Out of the box, the iPhone 4 will take nice photos of fireworks. You just need to make sure you get the fundamentals right. Finding the right location to take your photos from is important, get […]

The Ghengis Fireworks Guns – Part Three

ghengis fireworks unilad fireworks guns ghengis fireworks guns - part two

We made two fireworks guns one was a huge Mounted Gatling Gun that fires 6x50mm 8 shot roman candles. The other was slightly smaller Handheld Smurf Gun that fired 240 rapid fire roman candle and 12 screaming birds. Heres a quick round-up of pictures from the Ghengis Fireworks Guns testing and the Ghengis Troll what do […]

The Ghengis Fireworks Guns – Part Two

ghengis fireworks unilad fireworks guns ghengis fireworks guns - part three

If you haven’t read our first blog post about our firework guns then you should definitely check out the links at the bottom of this blog. The Gatling Gun is the biggest out of our two guns we made and its made for the bigger 50mm roman candles we mounted it on a tripod for […]

The Ghengis Fireworks Guns – Part One

ghengis fireworks unilad fireworks guns ghengis fireworks guns - part one

The Fireworks Guns have been a long time in the works, from designing to then manufacturing them, but this bank holiday weekend was the day we had all been waiting for,  as well as the both of the guns arriving all brand new and finished at the Ghengis Firework Offices, it’s also officially testing day […]