China Day Two

Day two of our fireworks trip to Liuyang China

Our recent trip to China to source and create new firework products for the upcoming 2018 season. After a productive two weeks, we are now back in Blighty. We did plan on writing a blog post per day to keep all of you up to date on our activities. But due to inferior internet connections […]

Sparklers how are they made?

information about how sparklers are made by ghengis fireworks uk

Every wondered “Sparklers how are they made?” As we all know finding a person that isn’t thrilled with the fun of a glittery sparkler these days is hard. These fizzling rods of sparks, colour and fire are among the most popular in the UK and quite often the most sold type of firework as well as central […]

China Day One

fireworks manufacturing from china

Follow what we are doing in china day by day After a great family Sunday roast with all the trimmings we drove toward London heading for Heathrow terminal three. We arrived early to the bustling airport fighting our way through the crowds, we checked in and headed in the direction of security.Once in-line and being […]

What are single ignition fireworks?

what are single ignition fireworks and how do they work?

What are single ignition fireworks and how are they made: Single Ignition Fireworks are probably one of the most significant advances in fireworks in recent years; They are a combination of several fireworks; Usually, mines and roman candles Combined to produce a stunning display of noise and effects that are designed to be lit once using only a single fuse. […]

Diwali Fireworks Display

Diwali fireworks display in Gravesend, Kent by Ghengis Fireworks

Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights, it is celebrated every year in the autumn its also an official holiday in India, Fiji, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Singapore, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Myanmar and Trinidad and Tobago. It is celebrated not only by Hindus but Jains, Sikhs and also Newar Buddhists, Diwali is one of the […]