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Halo Rocket 1.3G

halo rockets are a 2 inch ball rocket from our firework rocket range and can be found in the big rockets category.


Firework information explosive rating icon
Explosive Rating: 1.3 G
Firework information noise level icon
Noise Level: Loud
Firework information effect icon
Effect: Single Shot
Firework information safety distance icon
Safety Distance: 25 Meters

The Halo rocket is a 1.3G traditional firework that plays a role in most firework displays today. It does not matter whether you’re in charge of the local bonfire night or you are putting on a fireworks display for family and friends, you will want to make sure that your firework selection is impressive and gets everyone excited. You can be sure that this is the case when it comes to this incredible halo rocket.

With this firework, you get all of the elements of a traditional rocket, but there is a unique surprise at the end. What we mean by this, is the loud and beautiful ring effect that is created in the sky. This looks incredible and it will add a completely different dimension to your firework display, ensuring that everyone in attendance is amazed.

When you are using this artistic and majestic firework, it is imperative to make sure you follow the instructions that come with it. Accidents happen when you do not abide by the safety instructions that are printed. You will need to ensure that there is a safety distance of 25m when you set off this firework. This distance is provided for a reason, so don’t try and squeeze into a smaller area.

If you are interested in purchasing the Halo Rockets 48 Gram 1.3g Firework, please note that it is a solo firework. Of course, you can buy a number of Halo Rockets 48 Gram 1.3g Fireworks, and a lot of people tend to do that, incorporating several into their display.

Take the time to look at our How-To videos and fireworks safety guides.

  • A traditional rocket with an exciting twist, producing a beautiful angel effect in the sky
  • These fireworks require a safety distance of 25m
  • The total shot count is 1
  • A beautiful and loud ring effect is created in the sky
  • Low prices are guaranteed when shopping with us