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Jupiter 2 - 6 Garden Fireworks 96 Shots

Jupiter 2 is a wonderful barrage pack of 6 single ignition cakes each with 16 shots, perfect for the back garden display


Firework information explosive rating icon
Explosive Rating: 1.4 G
Firework information noise level icon
Noise Level: Low
Firework information effect icon
Effect: Straight
Firework information safety distance icon
Safety Distance: 8 Meters


If you are looking to put on a spectacular firework display, our Jupiter 2 has 6 Garden fireworks with 96 shots in total that will not disappoint. Delivering bright colours and cool effects, they are a must for your next event.

One reason why our Jupiter 2 Barrage Pack Of 6 Cakes have become so popular is that they are family-friendly. A lot of the fireworks on the market today are very noisy, making a big bang, which can be frightening for children. If this is something you are worried about, you will be pleased to know that these fireworks aren’t very loud.

In the pack, you are going to get six cakes. Each cake gives up 16 shots, and so you’re going to get 96 shots in total. This represents excellent value for money.

With so many different colours, vibrancy really is delivered with these fireworks, and they reach up to 100ft, ensuring everyone in the local area is wowed and amazed by the display that you put on.

The safety distance for this firework is 8 m, so please abide by this. It is also imperative to follow the rest of the safety instructions and guidance that comes with the firework so you can be sure that it goes off in a safe and reliable manner. You simply cannot take risks when it comes to fireworks!

Check out our fireworks safety pages.

  • The total shot count for these fireworks is 96
  • The safety distance is 8 m, so you’re not going to need a big garden for this one
  • This is a firework that delivers lots of bright colours, ensuring a stunning display
  • Unlike a lot of other fireworks, they are not very noisy, meaning they are good if there are going to be children in attendance at the firework event
  • Low prices are a certainty when shopping here – Great value for money!