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Rosalind is a small to medium 30 shot garden firework with varying effects and lots of colours


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Firework information explosive rating icon
Explosive Rating: 1.4 G
Firework information noise level icon
Noise Level: Low
Firework information effect icon
Effect: Straight
Firework information safety distance icon
Safety Distance: 8 Meters

Rosalind is a 30 Shot 8m Garden Firework from Ghengis Fireworks. It has 25mm tubes that will give you great effects and massive bursts.

Always think about your fireworks safety and how fireworks affect your neighbour’s pets.

Rosalind’s Effect’s List:

  • Shoot up red stars, blue stars, and white strobe stars.
  • Shoot up red stars and green strobe stars.
  • Shoot up blue stars and gold strobe stars.
  • Shoot up brocade crown star and red strobe stars.
  • Shoot up red stars and gold chrysanthemum stars.