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Beast 16 Shot Loud Firework

beast is a very loud 16 shot mine


Firework information explosive rating icon
Explosive Rating: 1.3 G
Firework information noise level icon
Noise Level: Loud
Firework information effect icon
Effect: Straight
Firework information safety distance icon
Safety Distance: 25 Meters


Beast has 16 shots with 2″ mines and is one of the loudest fireworks in the UK.

This is a 1.3G cake and has 800g of powder inside. Beast is for all you nutters out there that love to rock up and bang the night away with loud fireworks.

Make sure it is secure because this little baby is something else.

Check out our firework videos and let us know what you think.

Norman Says fireworks safety is the most important thing because we want you all to have a great day, not a bad day.

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We do love loud fireworks and fireworks safety.