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Eclipse 16 Shot Garden Firework

eclipse 16 shot colourful garden fireworks


Firework information explosive rating icon
Explosive Rating: 1.4 G
Firework information noise level icon
Noise Level: Low
Firework information effect icon
Effect: Straight
Firework information safety distance icon
Safety Distance: 8 Meters

Eclipse is a 16 shot garden firework with 20mm tubes that will give you over 40ft bursts. Not only is this firework convenient in terms of safety distance and size, but it packs a powerful punch in terms of the display that it will put on. The colours included are bright and vibrant, and the effects are mesmerizing as well.

Some of the effects you can anticipate with this amazing firework product are a blue star and white strobe star, green stars, and white strobe star, red stars and time rain star, and finally, red stars and white strobe star effects.

You will be provided with instructions on how to use this firework in a safe and effective manner, so please be sure to follow these.

  • There are a number of different effects that you can expect with this amazing firework, including a red star and time rain star, blue star and white strobe star, green star, and white strobe star, and finally, a red star and white strobe star effect
  • Eclipse requires a fireworks safety distance of 8m
  • The total shot count is 16
  • Low prices are guaranteed when shopping with us
  • A safety guide is provided to ensure that you use this firework in the correct and safe manner