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Amazing Value Firework Sparklers

Firework sparklers have always been popular with both adults as well as children. whether at a back garden fireworks party or at a public firework display. Furthermore, they provide ever one with lots of excitement and fun. As a result of this, they are ideal at providing an extra source of revenue at any organised event.

You can buy our range of sparklers as either a single pack or as part of one of our firework bulk deals.

What are Firework Sparklers?

First and foremost a sparkler is a hand-held firework. Sparklers produces coloured flames and sparks and they slowly burn. Fun fact sparklers can be any where as big as over 1 meter and as small as 20 cm in length.
A sparkler can have a burn duration that can last between 25 and 90 seconds. Typically used at Guy Fawkes Displays and Bonfire Night by children within the UK. As well as for Diwali celebrations and finally Independence Day celebrations over in the US.

Stunning Wedding Photo’s with Sparklers

Sparklers are becoming ever more popular for weddings. Because they create stunning and memorable photo’ s from the day.

Don’t forget safety when using sparklers!

Sparklers can be dangerous Just like any other type of firework. Due to this sparklers should never be used by any child under the age of 5 years old. Additionally please take note that spent sparklers can remain very hot.

Finally we always recommend having a water source e.g A bucket of water at hand, or alternatively a bucket of sand to put used sparklers in when finished with.