Firework Festivals Around The World

blog post about fireworks festivals from all around the world

There is something quite spectacular about fireworks. The whole sky erupting with colours and noise can be a sight to behold. Firework festivals happen around the world for varying reasons. Let us take a look at some firework festivals that leave the world amazed. National Day in Singapore9th August marks the day of Singapore’s independence […]

Sparklers How There Made & Why We Use Them

Sparklers are one of the symbols of celebration and are a beloved item used by everyone all over the world. Whether it is birthday parties or weddings, sparklers light up joy on people’s faces whenever they are used. The sparkler is a handheld firework and it slowly burns for almost up to one minute. It […]

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes The UK is full of celebrations. Dating back to millennia, it has amassed a wide variety of seasonal celebrations and events from across many different religions, cultures, and historic events. So, no matter whether you are staying in London or any other part of the country, there are many traditions and events for […]