The Ghengis Fireworks Guns – Part One

The Ghengis Fireworks Guns

The Fireworks Guns have been a long time in the works, from designing to then manufacturing them, but this bank holiday weekend was the day we had all been waiting for,  as well as the both of the guns arriving all brand new and finished at the Ghengis Firework Offices, it’s also officially testing day for the fireworks guns.

The Smurf Fireworks Gun

The Smurf Fireworks Gun – designed to be hand held with a sling around the shoulders for extra support, the gun itself is made completely of plastic with some bright white led lights for aesthetics, there are the two buttons one located on the side of the front handle and the other is located on the back handle of the Smurf Fireworks Gun used to control two separate firing modes.

The Smurf Fireworks Gun is the smallest of our two fireworks guns, but don’t that let it fool you we packed this beast out with a 240 shot rapid fire roman candle as well as 12 of our very loud and noisy Screaming Birds (which are now discontinued). They were loaded into the Smurf Fireworks Gun and individually fused to the two button so we could fire them separately.

A big thanks to David he did a great job on the construction of this and our other Mounted Gatling Gun, they look amazing and worked flawlessly.

Below you will find footage from the firing test we performed down on the local beach on the river Medway.

On the next test video I think we will use a bit more pyro what do you think?

This smurf gun was tested under strict safety conditions by trained professionals please don’t try this at home.

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Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the Ghengis Fireworks Troll and our next video of the Mounted Fireworks Gatling Gun.


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