What is Independence Day?

AMERICANS all across the world will come together this 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day in the United States.

What is Independence Day about?

Known as the 4th of July, Independence Day marks the birth of America. The day America secured her Independence from the British Empire.

On July the 4th 1776, The thirteen colonies of America, who were at war with Brittan, declared themselves to be independent states of a new nation.

This Declaration was made by the adoption of The Declaration of Independence, drafted by the founding father Thomas Jefferson.

The Thirteen Colonies first colonised North America in the 16th Century and at the time were run by the British.

In 1775 a meeting of delegates of the colonies known as the “Continental Congress”, Declared a war of Independence against Britan.

How Did Independence Day Begin?

The first celebration of Independence Day took place on Rhode Island on the 4th of July, 1777.

To mark the anniversary of the signing of Declaration of Independence, In a salute to each of the original colonies thirteen gunshots were fired.

The area is known to have the longest running celebration of Independence Day in the United States.

The 4th of July is now a huge national holiday with parades, family gathering and reunions. As well as parties and other events taking place across America.

The day is associated with barbecues, picnics, patriotic displays and baseball games and serves as a time to go on holiday.

One of the most popular ways independence day is celebrated is with Fireworks, with displays often held in every major city.

Many government officials take part in events also make speeches, across the country. And the White House puts on a display on it’s South Lawn.

In 1938 Congress made the day a national paid holiday, before this from 1870 to 1938 the day was an unpaid holiday for federal workers.