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Bonfire Societies from around the UK

Bonfire Societies from around the UK are where you can become involved, they are exciting and full of friendly people, history and knowledge. Torchlight processions are followed by fireworks and the burning of an effigy, and in the process of everyone having a good time, many thousands of pounds are raised for charities and other worthy causes. Check out the nearest Bonfire Societies to you.

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Southover Bonfire Society – was originally formed in 1886 in Lewes, East Sussex. In 2005 it was re-formed and continues to grow each year.

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Cliffe Bonfire Society – is a voluntary organisation formed in 1853 to commemorate the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605.

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Edenbridge Bonfire Society – A team of volunteers who organise the world famous Edenbridge Bonfire Night procession and firework display.

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Seaford Bonfire Society – The latest re-established bonfire society, Seaford held their hugely successful inaugural procession in October 2011.

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Battel Bonfire Boyes – Claims to be the oldest Bonfire Society in England, with records going back to 1646. The event is held on the first Saturday in November closest to the 5th.

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Hastings Borough Bonfire Society – A group of volunteers who make Hastings Bonfire the largest single Bonfire celebration in Sussex!

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Crowborough Bonfire and Carnival Society – Crowborough Bonfire & Carnival Society is part of the Sussex Bonfire Societies that have been active since the early 19th century, reformed shortly after the 2nd World War and now in its 66th year.

bonfire society logo for burgess hill

Burgess Hill Bonfire Society – Originally founded in 1894 then re-formed in 1969. Burgess Hill Bonfire Society is a non-profit organisation who’s aim is to put on Burgess Hill’s Bonfire night whilst raising money for local charities.

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Barcombe Bonfire Society – In 1972 Barcombe Bonfire Society was formed and continues to run the event each year.

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Lewes Bonfire Celebrations – can boast no fewer than seven Bonfire Societies, six of which hold their celebrations on the same night (5th November, or when the Fifth is on a Sunday, 4th November). The remaining society, Nevill Juvenile, holds its night on a Saturday a couple of weeks before the Fifth.

bonfire society logo for firle

Firle Bonfire Society – Firle upholds and promotes all that’s excellent about traditional Sussex Bonfire and holds a Bonfire Night with torch lit processions and fireworks each October.

bonfire society logo for lindfield

Lindfield Bonfire Society – Founded in 1894 in the picturesque village of Lindfield in Mid Sussex, the Lindfield Bonfire Society is a non-profit making organisation that works throughout the year to organise and fund our Village Bonfire Night celebrations, which are held in aid of local children’s charities.

bonfire society logo for hailsham

Hailsham Bonfire Society – Re-formed after an interval of 14 years, this society became active again on the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot to present a torchlight procession, bonfire and fireworks display.

bonfire society logo for rye

Rye and District Bonfire Society – have raised and distributed many thousands of pounds of charity funding for local “good causes” in and around Rye. Rye Bonfire and torchlit procession has become one of the great family events in the local calendar.

bonfire society logo for littlehampton

Littlehampton Bonfire Society – Sussex Champions 2004 ‘We burn to do good’. ‘ We strongly believe Bonfire Night in Littlehampton plays a very important role in fostering community spirit and acts as a showcase for the town at its very best.

bonfire society logo for south street

South Street Bonfire Society – South Street is a friendly, family-orientated bonfire society. Founded in 1913 and thriving today, we are proud to uphold the traditions of Lewes Bonfire.

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Mayfield Boyes and Belles Bonfire Society – The Mayfield Bonfire Boyes and Belles society has been running for over 100 years though the actual history of the Sussex bonfire societies dates back to the previous century.

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Shoreham Bonfire Society – Established over 10 years ago and now returning re-invigorated in 2010, Shoreham has a beach bonfire, fireworks and procession.

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Newick Bonfire Society – Newick Bonfire Society is a non-profit organisation devoted to keeping Fire, Noise and Tradition alive in Sussex.

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Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society – Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society. Ensuring Bonfire has a bright future. Estd. 1967.If the information on this page is incorrect or you would like to add your own bonfire societies to the page please contact us.

bonfire society for sheepy

Sheepy Bonfire Society – as set up in 2017, holding several events a year, all money raised is invested back into the local community – The first recorded bonfire and fireworks display in Sheepy was for Queen Elizabeth IICoronation on 2nd June 1953.