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Welcome to the Fireworks YesterYear section of the Fireworks Academy, In this section, we have articles about Old fireworks, Some of the fireworks names which many readers will remember from their own childhood have long since disappeared, and even more, recent ones have fallen victim to the latest laws and economic times.
Fireworks YesterYear, old fireworks products from standard and wells
Wells showcard, Standard Selection box ‘size 12’, two ‘Days Gone By’ fireworks vans, Cains Bonfire Toffee ale, and Shugborough ale.

Advertisements From The Past

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do you remember seeing this old fireworks poster?
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do you remember seeing this old fireworks poster?
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Old Fireworks

BY STANDARD FIREWORKS: Super Sonic Bang, Jet Scream, Air Bomb, Snow Storm, Silver Zodiac Fountain, Cauldron

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Here are some showcases displaying various fireworks from the past from the collection of Chris Pearce.

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Museum display of historic fireworks
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