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Firework Festivals Around The World

blog post about fireworks festivals from all around the world

There is something quite spectacular about fireworks. The whole sky erupting with colours and noise can be a sight to behold. Firework festivals happen around the world for varying reasons. Let us take a look at some firework festivals that leave the world amazed.

National Day in Singapore
9th August marks the day of Singapore’s independence from Malaysia. It is the National Day holiday in the country. The Singapore Fireworks celebrations done to commemorate the occasion leaves everyone spellbound. Indeed, the firework celebrations are one of the most elaborate and spectacular displays worldwide. Fireworks team, both local and foreign, have their firework shows on several nights with ninth august being the climactic moment. Indeed, it is among the longest-running fireworks displays conducted annually.

Australia Day
If you want to enjoy a firework display with no inhibitions or holding back, Sydney is the place to be on 26th January. This is a national holiday celebrated in Darling Harbor in Sydney with an extravagant and mesmerizing firework display. A boat parade is also held alongside to add a bit of thrill to the celebrations of Australia day.

Malta International Fireworks
Malta puts on a fantastic display of fireworks annually during the last week of April. The sight is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular ones. Maltese firework companies, along with Italian organizations, team up to make this event truly extravagant and memorable. While it hasn’t been long since this firework display has started, it is indeed one of the most amazing ones.

Independence Day Fireworks in Washington, D.C.
Independence Day in the U.S. is truly spectacular. Firework festivals are organized in the majority of cities in the country. One cannot expect the capital to stay far behind. Indeed, Washington D.C. holds one of the most breathtaking displays of fireworks on the national holiday. Thousands of revelers gather around to watch the fireworks erupt over the Capitol building.

Mt. Rushmore Fireworks
Mt. Rushmore holds a special place in the U.S. The faces carved into the side of the place, indeed make it highly captivating. Thus, it is hardly surprising that you witness one of the most amazing fireworks displays there. As the Independence Day approaches, most significant cities of the U.S. have fireworks events to celebrate the occasion. However, the celebrations in Mt. Rushmore manage to put up a spectacular show that makes their firework event one of the best in the world.

Reveillon Fireworks Display in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
If we are talking about a fireworks display during New Year’s Eve, this one deserves a special mention. The energy and fun evident in the fireworks display are truly palpable. The Copacabana Beach hosts the breathtaking show every year. The astonishing display leaves the world awestruck. Massive crowds turn up every year to see the sight and be amazed.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is considered to be a hub of tourism. It is indeed one of the best thriving cities in the world. It features the world’s tallest building as well. If that was not enough, the city holds one of the most spectacular and impressive firework displays you can witness. It is apparent that the event is made truly extravagant and phenomenal. Those interested in fireworks will find Dubai to be the perfect place to be on New Year’s Eve.

Guy Fawkes Night in England
Guy Fawkes Night is observed on 5th November in the U.K. every year. The day is also called the Bonfire night and is celebrated to mark the event of the failure of the plot of taking down London’s house of Parliament. One of the key conspirators of the plot was Guy Fawkes. The day is celebrated with immense fervor and enthusiasm, and Fireworks are a vital component. You can witness massive firework displays in London and the surrounding cities on occasion.

Diwali in India
Diwali is celebrated annually in India from mid-October to Mid-November. This is rightly called the festival of lights. As the name indicates, firework displays are an integral part of the celebrations. Thus, you can get to witness a majestic and breathtaking display of firework during this period. If you love watching firework festivals, Diwali Fireworks show is the one for you.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks in San Francisco, California
New Year’s Eve show is spectacular in various parts of the world, and the one in San Francisco deserves a special mention. A fireworks show is conducted on the waterfront, which leaves people awestruck. If you happen to be in the city during the time, do not miss it. It is indeed once in a lifetime experience as you watch majestic fireworks lighting up the sky.

Festa Del Redentore in Venice, Italy
This one is hosted in Venice on the third weekend of July. The celebrations are a means of expressing gratitude for the end of 1576 plague that took the lives of nearly 50,000 people. You will get to witness a great show as the fireworks last for nearly an hour. The gondolas in St Mark’s basin give you the best view of the fantastic show. Thousands of people gather every year for the fireworks festival to view the breathtaking sight in person.

POSCO International Fireworks Festival
This festival is hosted by the city of Pohang in South Korea and spans across nine days every July. Thus, the city is rightly called the city of light and fire. Teams from various countries worldwide take part in the competition and aim to provide the best-choreographed firework display.

The festival is attended by thousands of people who watch awestruck as teams attempt to outdo one another and produce the best show ever.

Final words
Fireworks are truly memorable. They are extravagant and excellent means to celebrate a special day with grandeur. Countries worldwide use firework displays to enhance the festive mood among the citizens. Once you see one of these firework displays in person, the sight would remain etched in your memory forever. The sky erupting with lights, color and sound will leave you awestruck.

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