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Sparklers How There Made & Why We Use Them

Sparklers are one of the symbols of celebration and are a beloved item used by everyone all over the world. Whether it is birthday parties or weddings, sparklers light up joy on people’s faces whenever they are used.

The sparkler is a handheld firework and it slowly burns for almost up to one minute. It creates an enchanting-looking shower of sparks. There are several types of sparklers that are out there in the market nowadays, like the ones that emit colourful flames or other cool effects. But what goes into making these sparklers and how are they utilised in different celebrations? Read on to find out more.

How Are Sparklers Made?

For starters, sparklers are made with the help of three chemical components, which consist of:

  1. A metal fuel.
  2. An oxidiser.
  3. A binder.

    Other elements are also added to the sparklers for enhancing the effects or changing the colours. But, these three components are the basic building blocks that go into the manufacturing of a sparkler.

The Metal Fuel

A sparkler is usually made by using a metal wire. Then one end of this metal wire is coated with the mixture consisting of the metal fuel, oxidiser, plus the binder. Iron is commonly used for making that wire, which is typically coated in four different types of fuel chemicals, depending on the color of the glow. For instance, for a white or light yellow glow, magnesium and aluminium is used, iron is used to get a red glow, for a while or silver glow, titanium is used, and for a golden glow, ferromagnetism is used.

These are the most commonly used colors that are used for sparklers. However, other chemicals can be added into this metal fuel in order to create a variety of different colours. For instance, specific salts can create different reds, greens, and blues.

The Oxidizer

The oxidisers have a vital role when it comes to sparklers. When it is heated once the metal fuel starts to burn, they start to decompose; hence creating oxygen plus other gasses. To summarise it, the oxidiser makes sure that the sparkler does not just look like burning metal, but actually shows the effects. This means that the oxidiser is responsible for those tiny sparklers that are jumping around the wire once the sparkler is lit and end up creating that crackling look. Commonly used oxidisers consist of metal nitrates, potassium nitrate, and chlorates or perchlorates.

The Binder

The last component is responsible for binding the previous two components together. Because both the metal fuel plus the oxidisers are just paste-like chemicals, the binder makes sure that they bind together and also stick to the wire.

Even though there are other chemicals that can be used as a binder, but commonly dextrin is used in sparklers to bind the two components together. Moreover, these three components are mixed with a little bit of water in order to create a smooth paste that’s easily applied on the wire.

Creating The Actual Sparkler

Creating the sparkler is not that difficult, unlike fireworks. Firstly, a machine cuts the metal wires to a certain length, since sparklers come in all sizes. Then the machine moves those wires along and places them in a certain position so that the above chemical mixture can be easily applied on them. One end of the wires is dipped inside the paste mixture. It is then allowed to set for some time before it is dipped once again in order to make sure that the paste remains strong in order for the sparkler’s effect to work.

Once all this is done, the sparklers are allowed to completely dry, which often times takes about a week in order to ensure great sparkler quality. Finally, they are packed and then sent off to their specific retailers.

How Are Sparklers Used In Different Celebrations?

There is always something to celebrate, whether it is birthdays, promotions, engagement parties, anniversaries, and so on. It is in human nature to celebrate all of their special occasions, no matter how big or small. Plus, it wouldn’t be a celebration without having their loved ones in on all the fun and celebrate with them.

Sparklers can not only be a part of all of your celebrations, they tend to be a lot cheaper than fireworks. Listed below are some of the different occasions where you can use these sparklers and make sure that everyone has a wonderful plus memorable time.

For starters, you can use different kinds of sparklers in your wedding. They add a sense of warmth and grace, which is sure to bring a smile on all of the guests’ faces as it lights up with its beautiful golden spark. Moreover, you will have an incredible and sweet memory that will be etched on your mind for a very long time.

Secondly, sparklers can be utilised in photo shoots as well. If you want a picture that will take everyone’s breath away then you might want to add in a couple of sparklers. You can either hold them in your hand or use it as a remarkable backdrop for your photographs.

Thirdly, you can use sparklers on top of a birthday cake instead of the usual candles. There are specific sparklers out there that are made for using on top of cakes (don’t use the regular sparklers for this). They will add a uniqueness to your or your loved one’s celebration, whether you use it on a birthday or an anniversary. Not to mention, you can make endless birthday wishes as these cake sparklers stay lit for a while.

Fourthly, sparklers can be used during a surprise party. Everyone loves surprises and what better way to make them extra special by including sparklers. No matter what the surprise is for, lighting up the room with sparklers during the time your loved one walks in will surely be an incredible memory to remember.


Sparklers have been around for a long time and that too for a good reason. They add a special touch to every sort of celebration and create a lifelong memory.

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