Representing Tthe Different Aspects of the Firework aIndustry

A large variety of fireworks organisations represent different aspects of the fireworks industry: manufacturers, importers, sales, display contractors, fireworks enthusiasts, safety and welfare, and events management:

The BPA, incorporating the Firework Maker’s Guild was established in 1965 to promote the safe use of fireworks in the UK, and to represent the interests of its members in dealings with Government and other bodies. BPA membership is limited to professional firework and pyrotechnic display companies who meet the membership criteria. Full information on their website.

The retail fireworks sector is represented by the British Fireworks Association whose members are manufacturers or importers of consumer fireworks. Their website is intended to keep the public informed of what the firework industry is doing to ensure that fireworks can be kept safe, legal and enjoyable for everyone.

The UK Pyrotechnics Society is an incorporated non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales number 05742247. The society exists to represent UK enthusiasts and to attempt to legally establish a framework for the hobby, as well as to preserve British firework manufacturing heritage. If you are interested in joining the society, visit their website for further details and an application form.

The Pyrotechnic Guild International: ‘Dedicated to the Advancement of Safety, Skill, and Artistry in Pyrotechnics’
Although dominated by overseas interests the Guild is international so has a UK context. It is an independent worldwide non-profit organization of amateur and professional fireworks enthusiasts. Its educational and scientific purposes are to promote the safe and sensible use of pyrotechnics, encourage displays, and promote the production and sale of high quality pyrotechnics.
The Guild published a noted Bulletin, and has an annual Convention.
‘Safety, Skill, and Artistry in Pyrotechnics’

EIG: The Explosives Industry Group of the CBI is the principal industry group for fireworks and pyrotechnics in the UK. On their site you will find a vast amount of detailed information on technical issues, storage, transport, legalities and so on.
An extremely useful background source of information. Many topics are covered in considerable detail an much of this is available to members only. A range of forums provide for an exchange of opinion and information.

The Health and Safety Executive has a huge remit for all things connected with fireworks, mostly through its Exposives Division. There are also regional offices throughout the UK. The web site has an efficient search system, and the search term ‘fireworks’ will give a shortlist of the relevent content.

The Civil Aviation Authority is the UK’s aviation regulator, and can exercise controls over fireworks displays. Home displays are unlikely to be of concern unless very close to an airfield, but organisers of larger displays should consult the guidelines.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has a good selection of information on its website, and publishes a variety of fact sheets etc. For the latest information go to the home page and enter ‘fireworks’ in the site search box.

ENJOY FIREWORKS – but please don’t forget your pets. This is the message of Blue Cross, the animal welfare organisation. Read their guidelines ‘Fireworks and Pets’
There Education and Behavior Teams prepare future pet owners to take responsibility and look after their pets for life.

The National Outdoor Events Association is the professional association which represents outdoor events across the board. Included amongst its members are fireworks companies, as well as venues, promoters, and other suppliers and contractors which you might need if you are organising an event. Fireworks companies can be found in the Association’s Yearbook which is free on request. Clients and purchasers are assured by a members’ Code of Professional.

TESA, The Event Services Association is an Association whose members provide products and services to Event Organisers and Events.