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Firework Trigger Guide

Fireworks are often a wonderful sign of excitement and celebration. But, for many people, the loudness of fireworks can be triggering and negatively affect their well-being and their families or pets.

To help address this issue, the new Fireworks.co.uk ‘Trigger Guide’ collates noise level data from a range of our most popular products to allow everyone to celebrate with fireworks in a more manageable and accessible way.

Lowest on the firework trigger scale

From fireworks you can use inside to outdoor ones with low noise, there are lots of options for displays, where there are children or adults sensitive to noise or pets. These products are perfect as they offer excitement and magic through colours and light without the intense noise of other fireworks. 

1 – Silver Rain

1 – Sparklers

2 – Destiny

2 – Penny Farthing

Fireworks with soft and snowy crackles 

Although these fireworks aren’t as quiet as the previous section, they offer a much softer level of noise than other more intense products. These products sound soft and snowy with crackles in between. A great option for 

4 – The Lava Family

5 – Praise the Sky

Getting louder…

These fireworks will raise the intensity of your home display and although they are not the loudest products on the market they certainly offer more intense levels of noise. They are compiled with plenty of snap crackle and pop and may be best enjoyed by watching from inside. 

6 – Eclipse

7 – Creature

7 – Cressida

Who is the loudest of them all

These fireworks provide super loud bangs and are high-octane, high-impact. These fireworks will look amazing but you must be aware that they are extremely loud and not well suited to people with a sensitivity to noise. 

8 – Dynamite

8 – Juliet 

9 – Halo Rocket

9 – Insanity

10 – Beast

10 – Dream Catcher

10 – Dum Dum

10 – Shock Wave

10 – Skull XXL Rocket

10 – Storm Force

10 – Trident Rocket

Firework safety

Whichever firework you decide on based on your tolerance level, it is super important to follow the individual instructions listed on each product you use. Alongside this, being sure to read up on general safety precautions beforehand is key. You can find an in-depth guide here on firework safety.