Firework World Records

We all have heard the phrase, “The bigger, the better”. Well, this phrase holds its true meaning in the case of fireworks world records too. There is no argument in the fact that fireworks, whether big or small, are always beautiful and eye-catching. However, there are some that the world witnessed and was the biggest,  the loudest, and the longest. The pretty and sparkling displays were surely breathtaking. Below are some of the best world record fireworks performances from all around the globe:

Firework World Records


Back in the year 2011, on 18 June, the largest Catherine wheel was lit which measured more than 100 feet in diameters. The red and orange hues were mesmerising and completed four complete rounds on its own. The wheel revolved under its own fiery propulsion. This world record was made in the Mqabba, Malta, and was built by the Lily Fireworks Factory. To this date, no performance has come close to the colours of that of in Malta.


The Philippine Sports Centre witnessed a breathtaking view of one thousand and seventy sparklers being lit at once. This occurred before the main event when the guests were invited on the field to take part in this triumphant world record before the starting of the Iglesias Ni Cristo celebration. It was surely a satisfying sight.


Back in the year 2015, a Frenchman working in the field of pyrotechnics named, Laurent Nat, launched six hundred and forty-two fireworks from his body into the air. Apparently, Laurent has been a fan of fireworks from his childhood and since he has a career in pyrotechnics, it was obvious that he was going to come up with this idea of making a suit himself and making a firework world record.

Laurent stole the hearts when he explained his passion for fireworks by saying “I thought a link between sky and earth was missing, so I said to myself, why not create that link?”


Dubai is known for its extravagant celebrations especially on New Year’s Eve. Many people travel to Dubai to witness records being made every year. The one that caught the attention of the world was at Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah. The fireworks were launched in a straight line, which spanned more than eight miles. This United Arab Emirates record was surely the talk of the town for quite some time and made it to the headlines.


Iglesias Ni Cristo celebrated New Year’s Eve in the Philippines by lighting eight hundred thousand fireworks all at once to welcome 2014 in all its glory. People were amazed to witness the spark, which lasted for over an hour. It started at midnight, smashed the previous record for five lacs forty thousand and three hundred and eight two rockets, and made a new world record. Iglesias Ni Cristo is known for setting unusual yet beautiful world records and widening horizons for the whole world.