Getting your Pets ready for fireworks

Being dog owners ourselves here at Gehngis Firework, We can appreciate that sometimes our pet’s don’t mix well with fireworks.

We suggest that pet owners let their beloved furry ones get used to sounds of fireworks in a safe and controlled environment.

To this end, we have a series of firework sounds that you can download from our website that can quickly be burnt on to a CD or placed on to a flash drive and played through a stereo system or MP3 Player.

If your pet gets anxious and suffers from the sound of loud noises or fireworks, this technique is known to help calm them down.

We have detailed the process below for you to help slowly and safely introduce sounds produced by fireworks into their daily life.

Firework Sound Pack Downloads:

There are two Free firework sounds available in MP3 format to help get your pets ready for fireworks.

Playing the files:

You can play these MP3 files either by burning them to a CD and playing them through a CD Player or Stereo system or on to a flash drive and through your favourite MP3 Player.
Instructions on how to burn the sounds to CD:

A Reminder:

Before detailing the process of getting your pets ready for fireworks we have this important reminder.
If at any time during the process detailed below you notice your pet getting anxious or showing any signs of distress at the sounds, lower the volume until they become settled again and repeat the process. If however they are still distressed and the volume is at it’s lowest setting then stop. Unfortunately, this process doesn’t work for all pets, but it is worth giving it a try.

The Process

Day One to Three:

Play the first track (Single Shot Firework Sound) initially at a very low volume and gradually turn up the volume until your pet takes an interest but not distress.
Once your pet has interest in the sound that’s now playing leave this on a loop for 10 minutes. By repeating this process three to four times a day, you will gradually help your pet become accustomed to hearing these sounds, without being frightened or distressed by them.

Day Four to Seven:

Keeping with the first track, extend the playback time to twenty minutes, again repeat this three to four times a day. During the four days, slightly increase the volume until it’s no longer background noise.

Day Eight to Eleven:

By this time your pet should be accustomed to hearing the sound of single shot fireworks, however as we all know fireworks are not generally set off during the daytime, so now we need to start playing these sounds during the evening only, between the hours of 6 pm and 11 pm.

We recommend shutting the curtains, turning on the TV or playing some music, the key here is not changing your routine as your pets will notice this change, but aim introduce the noise of fireworks a familiar sound during this period.

As with the previous day’s we recommend playing the tracks at the same volume but at random times.

Again during this time, you will be aiming to increase the volume of the sounds gradually, so by day fourteen, the sounds will be playing quite loud. However as all pets differ this may not be the case, don’t worry continue until your pet is comfortable with the sounds at the higher volume level.

Alternatively, you could play the firework sounds at a higher volume but place your MP3 player for stereo in a different room.

The Big Event

Ideally the day of your firework display, Bonfire-Night or New Year’s Eve you will want to play the first track on a loop as a low background noise through the course of the day, and then during the evening turn up the volume gradually to the point where it’s enough to blend in with the real fireworks going off outside.

We wish everyone the best of luck with this procedure and hope it helps your pets feel more comfortable and relaxed around fireworks.

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