Happy Valentines Day

happy valentines day from ghengis fireworks

No one is one hundred percent sure of how valentines day celebrations started. Most people believe it was originally started by the ancient Romans. They celebrated Lupercalia a spring festival and feast held on the 15th of February. The festival is possibly Pre-Roman and was celebrated annually to purify the city avert evil spirits and thus releasing health, prosperity and fertility.

With the introduction of  Christianity to Rome, the holiday moved back a day to the 14th of February. The day that celebrates Christian Martyrs named Valentine.

There are several different accounts of who Valentine was. Two of the most popular suggests he was either a temple priest who was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II. For helping Christian couples marry in Rome or that he was the Bishop of Terni and killed on the outskirts of Rome also by Claudius II.

The name Valentine actually translates from its original Latin name of Valentinus meaning Worthy, Powerful or Strong. It was a really popular name between the second and eighth centuries A.D

There is a lot to write about, to be honest, and so many accounts of people named Valentine. We could be here until next February but you can read a bit more about valentines and fireworks on another one of our pages.

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