Corona Virus

COVID-19/Corona Virus has affected the production of fireworks in Liuyang, Jiangxi, Beihai which are districts within China. These factories have been closed since the end of December and approximately 80% of them have gradually started to open again since mid-March.
UK production usually begins just after Chinese New Year (which varies each year to be either January/February) until by end of August. This allows the stock produced to be sent via container so it can arrive in the UK in time for our season to begin on 15th October until 10th November.
American production starts approximately early November until early May. This is so that their stock is readily available in time for the Independence celebration on the 4th July.
European production usually starts approximately end of May until end of October ready for Christmas and New Year celebrations.
adding paper wraps to fireworks in China
Due to the factories being closed, and the delay in production this will cause a shortage of fireworks worldwide, not just within the UK.
As it is not just the factories being closed which causes the shortage, it is also due to other factors such as a limited number for ships which can deliver 1.3G and 1.4G explosives/fireworks to each of the listed above destinations, ports allowing these types of products being delivered via them, and their not being enough ADR drivers to clear the containers from the ports quick enough. Without the usual delays of customs etc
Corona Virus
As you are aware, is a family-run company, and due to the current climate companies such as ours could end up having to close their doors completely due to the impact this current situation is having on businesses and families such as mine financially. We are asking for our customers to continue to support us, whether this is via ordering online, hosting displays for weddings, birthdays, funerals etc. or by visiting our stores. We have our all year round shop in Chatham, or our seasonal shop located in Dartford near the Mary Chest Cafe, on the slip road to the A2 (coast bound). I hope that we will see the support of our regular customers, as well as new customers coming to join us to celebrate the end of COVID-19 and the seasons ahead.
Should you have any questions regarding orders, or information on what would be suitable for your budget, garden or family then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will continue to help and support you all where we can. Please remember to keep safe, and check in on your vulnerable friends, family and neighbours.
Kind Regards,
Norman and Family of The Ghengis Fireworks Team
Please listen to Boris Johnson and stay safe