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Skull XXL Rocket is a large rocket from our firework rocket range and can be found in the big rockets category.

Skull XXL Rocket


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Noise Level
Safety Distance
25 Meters
Explosive Rating
1.3 G

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Are you planning to put on a spectacular fireworks display? If so, you need to incorporate vibrant, bold big rockets, which will light up the night sky in stunning fashion! Luckily, we have just the thing for you with the Skull XXL Rocket 80 Gram 1.3g Firework.

As the name indicates, these rockets are perfect for Halloween, but don’t feel like they can only come out in October! No matter what sort of event you’re going to be doing a display for, you can be sure that these fireworks will be the true star of the show.

So, what can you expect from these rockets? Well, the shell or ball rocket is one that has a very cool effect. It is a traditional style of rocket, which has a big burst of red colour at the end.

Not only do these rockets look amazing, but the noise is very loud too! Do keep this in mind, as they’re not suitable for anyone who is sensitive to loud noises.

When you purchase any of the fireworks that we have for sale, they will come with instructions and safety guidance, so please make sure that you follow these as they are incredibly important.

Should you have any queries regarding the Skull XXL Rocket 80 Gram 1.3g Fireworks or any of the other fireworks that we have for sale, all you need to do is give our friendly team a call.

Remember to order your rocket tubes.

Check out our fireworks safety guides and our videos.

  • The total shot count for these fireworks is one
  • You need a 25-meter safety distance when using these rockets
  • A red burst of colour, which looks incredible and makes a real statement
  • Big, bold, and cool rockets, which will look great at Halloween especially
  • These fireworks make a big bang, so do keep these in mind, as they are not for the faint-hearted

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