Sky Hawk 2 Rocket Pack


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Noise Level
Safety Distance
25 Meters
Explosive Rating
1.3 G

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Let’s be honest, rockets are the real glamour queens of the firework world, and they don’t get much more A-lister high-glam than the Sky Hawk 2. This doublebreak rocket throws out five shots, each one more spectacular than the last. These doozies are LOUD, too, so make sure you’ve let the neighbours know that you’re tearing apart the night sky with some of the best bangs in town. Glitter bursts follow aerial blasts that keep the “Ooo! Aah!” factor dialled up to eleven. You’ll need plenty of room for these rockets, with a 25m safety distance recommended. And like we said, they’re LOUD so keep pets and noise-averse children or adults indoors.