battle of the gods is a 600 shot cake by ghengis fireworks compound fireworks

Battle of the Gods


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Noise Level
Safety Distance
8 Meters
Explosive Rating
1.3 G

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Let battle commence! When the gods get angry, they start throwing fireworks around. And with this 600 shot 1,798.4g compound in 14mm tubes, things are about to get interesting. Burst after burst of dynamic display lights up the night sky. The middle section is a multi-coloured explosion of rockets, followed by repeated starbursts and aerial detonations that will shake the neighbourhood. Battle of the Gods is a perfect choice for bigger displays, with a minimum safety distance of at least 25m. It definitely has the wow factor in spades, creating a mesmerising two and a half minute bombardment. Is there any way to appease the gods? Unleash this compound, and you should go some way to calming them down a bit!