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200 shot compound cake by ghengis fireworks new compound fireworks

Bunker Buster


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Noise Level
Safety Distance
8 Meters
Explosive Rating
1.3 G

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Bunker Buster has 200 shots and is the perfect compound firework for any special occasion. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, bonfire night celebrations, a corporate awards ceremony, or any other sort of event, you can be sure that this firework will make it one to remember for all of the right reasons.

  • 1.3g firework
  • 200 shot compound firework
  • All you need to do is light it once
  • Perfect for any special occasion
  • Low prices are guaranteed

All you need to do is light this firework once and you will have a spectacular display in front of you.

We’ll talk you through what to expect below, and make sure you watch the video so that you can see the incredible firework in full action.

The first part of the display involves a red tail, shoot up red strobe stars, which is then followed by a green tail and shoot up green strobe stars. There is then a red tail, shoot up red wave, and then a blue tail with a shoot up red stars, green stars, and blue stars. This is followed by a crackling mine, a silver tail shoot up silver wave stars, and a time rain stars.

That was only part one! You then have part two, which consists of a number of different coloured tail shoot ups and strobe stars, finishing off with red wave stars.

Finally, part three rounds off the display in stunning fashion. It consists of a blue tail shoot up blue stars, followed by a crackling mine and a blue tail shoot up, with lemon, pink, blue, green, and red stars. It looks amazing! It is then followed by four crackling mines and different stars, with crackling stars closing the show.

Please check out our how-to videos and our fireworks safety pages.

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