Danger zone compound firework

Danger Zone


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Noise Level
Safety Distance
8 Meters
Explosive Rating
1.3 G

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Stand well back because we’re wandering into the Danger Zone. A 168 shot 1,846.7g compound creates a fabulous display that’s bound to wow any crowd. The wide spread of the glitter clouds and the multi-coloured bursts are only surpassed by the sheer volume of this insanely loud show. For over a minute, your audience won’t believe their eyes – or their ears. The shots are packed in 30mm (1.2”) tubes and can form the centrepiece of any professional or semi-professional show. A safety distance of at least 25m is essential for this multi-level extravaganza. No matter what the event, the Danger Zone will light up the night sky with a genuinely spectacular aerial bombardment.