tier one is a 139 shot cake by ghengis fireworks compound fireworks

Tier One


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Noise Level
Safety Distance
8 Meters
Explosive Rating
1.3 G

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If this is Tier One, what on earth is Tier Two going to be like? This 139-shot compound creates a wide aerial display that can form the centrepiece of any display. Colossal glitter clouds follow aerial bombardments and chrysanthemum bursts to complete over a minute of sheer sensory extravagance. Using 1.2″ tubes, Tier One is a ballistic barrage that will delight the crowds. You’ll need at least 25m for a safety zone, so this 1,814.7g N.E.C compound firework should only be used for larger displays and shows. The results, though, speak for themselves. And as with all Ghengis Fireworks, this show is LOUD with a capital L. Wake up the neighbourhood and blow the competition away with Tier One.