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Uranus 2 with its impressive 9 single ignition firework cakes is out medium garden firework display box.

Uranus 2


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Noise Level
Safety Distance
8 Meters
Explosive Rating
1.4 G

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Packing over 204 shots into one five-minute display, Uranus 2 is a perfect choice for garden fireworks parties. With blast after blast of multi-coloured vertical displays, this is one that’ll definitely have the neighbours twitching their curtains to watch. The Uranus 2 package of fireworks is also a low-level loudness collection, so it’s suitable for use around young children and pets (although we stress that pets should always be kept safely indoors and well away from the display). You’ll need a safety zone of at least 8m, so they’re perfect for a family event in the back garden.

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