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Predator is a large 60 shot sib barrage by ghengis



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Noise Level
Safety Distance
8 Meters
Explosive Rating
1.3 G

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Imagine 60 shots happening in the space of a few seconds – that’s Predator. This real show-stopper of a barrage firework is a fabulous finale cake that sends up multiple waves of palm silvers, brocade tails, white strobe stars and a few special effects in there that are unique to Predator. Put simply, this is the one firework you want to finish your display with in real style. You’ll need a safety zone of 8m minimum, so you can add this firework to your garden display. Be warned, it’s LOUD, so make sure pets and little ones are safely tucked up indoors.

Correct firing position for Chaos Single Ignition Fireworks

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