Pets and Fireworks

Care, welfare, treatments and therapies for pets

As well as due consideration for others in planning the time of fireworks use, See our article on Staying safe during the fireworks season, and the volume of noise, special care must be taken when pets and other animals are involved.

Here at Ghengis Fireworks, we do our best to address all questions and concerns our customers, and the general public have, the issue of Pet Safety is especially important to us as we are pet owners ourselves, with this in mind we have created the following article Getting your pets ready for fireworks night. To help address issues of keeping your pets safe during fireworks night.

Additionally, this question has been addressed by vets and other qualified and experienced people, and extensive help, advice and treatment is available.

advice for pets during fireworks and bonfire season
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‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’ … but please don’t forget your pets. This is the message of The Blue Cross, an animal welfare charity which publishes the Blue Cross Code. Available online and in print form, this gives specific advice for dogs, cats and horses, as well as general guidance for other animals.

The Blue Cross
Shilton Road
OX18 4PF
Phone: 01993 822651
Fax: 01993 823083
Registered Charity No: 224392


‘To help your dog get through Firework Night, the following suggestions are being made by the Kennel Club and other UK animal charities. . . ‘

Below you will find a download link for the Blue Cross For Pets leaflet on keeping your animals safe around fireworks and firework season.

its filled with lots of great advice and useful information and it’s completely free just click the image to download.

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Rescue Remedy

Some of the dogs that we own are a little frightened when it comes to fireworks. We have found theses wonderful drops from Holland Barrett called Nelsons Rescue Remedy. Just put a few drops on the dogs tongue and it helps them to relax. We swear by it and best of all, is that it’s all natural.

Nelsons Rescue Remedy
Nelsons Rescue Remedy for pets