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Professional Firework Displays

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We don’t just sell fireworks. We love setting them off, too. And there’s no better way to celebrate a landmark occasion like a birthday, wedding, gender reveal, graduation or anniversary with a rip-roaring, ground-shaking professional firework display from Ghengis Fireworks.

Using our years of experience, expertise and professionalism, we work with you to create a day to remember. Let us know what you want, what the occasion is, and how you want to celebrate, and we’ll do the rest. Ghengis Fireworks are your go-to team for professional firework displays from concept to clean-up.

Who are we?

Ghengis Fireworks are one of the UK’s leading independent firework retailers and display coordinators. With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, we know our rockets from our Roman candles. We’ve been at the forefront of firework safety and professional displays for years, driving the industry forward and making memorable displays available to everyone.

Who are our customers?

We can put the sparkle back into any event, from corporate events to gender reveal parties, weddings and birthdays to memorial events and even re-enactment weekends. We customise every display to your exact specifications, from the duration to the colours we use. Through careful collaboration with the client, the venue and ourselves, we can develop professional displays that will be the crowning achievement for any event.

What we do

We’re happy to take the lead on organising your fireworks, ensuring all Health & Safety requirements are met from start to finish. We’ll liaise with the venue, emergency services and local authorities, right down to sending out notification letters to let neighbours know that a display is taking place.

We’ll discuss your budget, ensuring you get maximum ‘bangs for your buck’. We’ll even create a colour palette to your specifications.

On the day, we’ll set up, organise and run your firework display. We’ll make sure the production goes off without a hitch, and we’ll clean up afterwards.

Ghengis Fireworks – your professional pyrotechnics experts

Ghengis Fireworks takes pride in delivering a flawless professional firework display every time from start to finish. Using cutting-edge technology, years of experience and expertise, and a professional attitude, we can create a focused, personalised display for any event.

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