Birthday Fireworks

confetti party happy young people group celebrating new year eve while dancing and have fun at home

Whether it’s Sweet Sixteen, Twenty-One Today, or the big Four-O, birthdays are landmarks in our lives that need to be celebrated in style. Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday!’ like a birthday fireworks display for those big dates, especially if you write the words in lights across the sky. At Ghengis Fireworks, we can do exactly that, creating a celebration that family and friends will remember for years to come.

Why have fireworks at a birthday party?

A sparkler stuck in the top of the cake just doesn’t cut it when you want to celebrate your 50th in style. Why have a ‘quiet meal’ when you can shake the ground with some of the loudest fireworks in the UK? Fireworks at a birthday party create a focal point for the celebrations, a grand finale to a wonderful day. The question we ask isn’t ‘why have fireworks at a birthday party’, it’s why doesn’t everyone have fireworks at a birthday party?

Things to think about

Before you get everyone ready for those “Ooo! Ahh!” moments, let’s get a few things out of the way first. At Ghengis Fireworks, your safety is our number one priority. So before we agree to put on a display of any kind, we need to research the venue. We’ll check that it’s safe for you to have a display, especially if your celebrations are based in your garden. If you’ve booked a venue for the event, we’ll liaise with them to ensure that all Health & Safety protocols are adhered to and that any noise limits, environmental factors and other restrictions are taken into account.

We’ll make sure they’re happy about fireworks being a part of the celebrations, and once everything’s been approved, we’ll work with you to create a display to suit your needs and your budget.

We’ll set up, run, and organise all the pyrotechnics on the day. We’ll happily let the birthday boy or girl hit the plunger to set off the display. And once everyone’s been wowed by the spectacle, we’ll do a full clear-up while you and your family and friends get on with enjoying yourselves.

Your display can include personal touches like favourite pieces of music. Our expertise in Lancework also means that we can even write a birthday message in the sky using fireworks. Now, that’s how you celebrate a landmark birthday!

Click the button and get in touch with Ghengis Fireworks today to find out more. Our friendly team are ready to help answer all your questions and start your birthday celebrations off with a bang.