Gender Reveal

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Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Rather than a baby shower, an announcement on Facebook or a phone call to the future grandparents, why not let the whole world know with a gender reveal party? Originating on the other side of the Atlantic, Gender Reveal parties are now increasingly popular in the UK. The great thing about a Gender Reveal party is that everyone can be involved in the happy event, including mum, dad, the kids, the whole family and friends. And is there any better way to finish off a big family celebration than with some fireworks?

At Ghengis Fireworks, we’re specialists at creating unforgettable firework displays for all kinds of events, including Gender Reveal parties. We can help you build up to that big moment and let everyone know the gender of your baby with a colour-coordinated show.

Pink for a girl, blue for a boy

Our Gender Reveal shows are a little different from our standard displays in that colour is vital. We’ll consult with you before so you can let us know which colour option to use. Expecting a little girl? We’ll light up the sky with a perfect pink performance. Got a little boy on the way? We’ll unleash a beautiful blue barrage of rockets. Our specially designed firework cakes put on a fabulous display for the whole world to see.

Practical considerations – Let Ghengis take care of things

Before any firework party, you need to do a few checks beforehand. If you’re having your Gender Reveal party in your back garden, our team can come in and check that it’s safe for you and your neighbours to set off a display. We’ll advise you on the best way to make sure everyone enjoys the event, especially if your neighbours have pets, children who find fireworks upsetting, or may suffer from PTSD.

Gender reveal concept. Unrecognizable black pregnant couple holding pink and blue color card for baby boy or girl, closeup. African husband and wife guessing baby gender, sitting on couch at home

If you’re having a party at a separate venue, we’ll liaise with the organisers to ensure that all Health & Safety regulations are met and that they are happy to have fireworks as part of your event.

Then let’s work out your budget and what kind of a display you want. On the day, we’ll come in, set up the pyrotechnics, and get that plunger button ready for you to hit at the right moment. After the show, we’ll do a complete clean-up, allowing you and your family and friends to celebrate in style.

Are you ready to let the world know if it’s a boy or a girl? Click the button below and talk to one of our friendly team about our Gender Reveal fireworks displays.