Memorial Fireworks

While the loss of a loved one is a heartbreaking event, we are seeing more families and friends who want to celebrate a life rather than mourn their passing. Memorial firework displays are a touching and memorable way to do exactly that. At Ghengis Fireworks, we’ve developed a unique brand of funeral fireworks and events that fulfil the deceased’s last wishes or capture their spirit in a display that will be remembered for years to come.

What are memorial or cremation fireworks?

An increasingly popular option for our memorial firework displays is the inclusion of cremation fireworks. These are specially designed to hold the ashes of your loved one. When ignited, they produce a dazzling display as well as scattering the ashes in dramatic style. Inside the firework is a special compartment that contains the ashes. Every cremation firework is unique and special to you and your family and friends. When the time comes to ignite the firework, we can let you push the plunger to give you that personal connection to the event, making it even more special.

We can also organise and run a display that can give family and friends a little joy in what is a sad moment. From creating the deceased’s name and picture in fireworks to putting together a memorial display that’s intensely personal to you, we can help you develop a memorial that does justice to the memory of your loved one.

At the heart of that display, your cremation firework takes centre stage. It’s the modern way to celebrate a life using pyrotechnics.

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A compassionate team

We’ve all suffered losses, so we know how it feels to lose a loved one. The Ghengis Fireworks team are compassionate and caring. We take pride in making each memorial firework display and cremation firework unique to you and will do everything we can to support you throughout the process.

We also take real pride in our reputation for expertise, professionalism and a safety-first approach that keeps you and your family and friends safe. We’re here to answer any question you have about memorial fireworks, no matter how big or small the event.

If you want to scatter a loved one’s ashes in real style, light up the night sky with their name or provide the finale to a memorial event, click the button below and talk to Ghengis Fireworks today.