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If there’s one thing that makes a fantastic fireworks display even better, it’s some great music. Pyromusical displays (the official term for this type of firework show) are used worldwide to celebrate everything from New Year’s Eve to birthday parties, national celebrations, and weddings.

However, it’s not quite as simple as sticking a digital player on ‘Shuffle’ and having some music in the background. Pyromusical displays are much more complicated than that. And at Ghengis Fireworks, we have the know-how and the expertise to make everything come together to create a flawless show for every celebration.

What is a Pyromusical Display?

Put simply, a pyromusical display synchronises the release of a firework show with specifically selected pieces of music. So, for example, you’ll have a barrage of rockets that burst in time with the beat of a drum or at a key passage in the music. It’s all about the timing, and that timing has to be precise to get exactly the right effect.

It takes years of experience to create an awe-inspiring pyromusical show, and at Ghengis Fireworks, we have that experience. Our teams plan a pyromusical event weeks or even months in advance, choosing musical elements as carefully as they pick their fireworks. There are several rehearsals to ensure that the timing is absolutely spot on and that the overall effect is exactly what the client wants. Using a winning combination of the latest technology, creativity and that all-important expertise, our Pyromusical team can create a showstopping event unlike any other.

Big or small – we can do it all

Pyromusical displays don’t have to be world-beating shows in iconic landmark locations. They can be smaller events to celebrate a birthday or wedding. They can have particular themes (seriously, who wouldn’t want a James Bond pyromusical display?) or use pieces of music that are special to you. But what really matters is that your event is enhanced by one of the best displays you’ll ever see.

stunning effects and colors from a musical fireworks display with when gis fireworks and one of our pyromusical firework displays

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Until you’ve experienced a Pyromusical show, you simply cannot imagine just how amazing it really is. So what are you waiting for? Click the button below, and let’s get started.

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