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Pyromusical Displays

Ghengis Fireworks offers Pyromusical Firework Displays around the UK for all events!

What is a Pyromusical?

Simply put; A Pyromusical is a fireworks display that fires fireworks in time to specially selected pieces of music.

To put it another way, A Pyromusical is: Perfectly timed fireworks that are selected to reinforce the emotions conveyed in music. The interpretation of fireworks and music is at its most profound. When they join in a union of magic, wonder, creativity, technology and pure imagination, giving life to an unforgettable experience.

Themed displays to create a real buzz so if it’s a spy and espionage evening and children’s parties. You host the event and we will provide that extra piece of magic!

Pyromusical displays combine the sheer power and excitement of fireworks with the emotion of the music. So until experienced you won’t fully understand or appreciate just how amazing a pyromusical show can be.

Please Note: A Pyromusical display should not be confused with a Traditional fireworks display which is accompanied by music. Musical accompaniment will add to a traditional show, but it is in no way comparable to a Pyromusical display.

ghengis fireworks pyromusical firework displays are always full of colour bug bangs memorable effects and amzing music
stunning effects and colors from a musical fireworks display with when gis fireworks and one of our pyromusical firework displays

Enquire About A Pyromusical Display

If you have an event or celebration coming up and would like to celebrate with a pyromusical fireworks display please get in contact were here to help.