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School Prom Fireworks

School Prom firework displays from Ghengis Fireworks - Group of cheerful friends holding Bengal lights in hands and dancing to trendy music while celebrating New Year on dance floor of modern night club

It’s the first big occasion of their young lives. A school prom is a chance for young adults to celebrate their academic achievements in style and let their hair down for an evening’s dancing. At Ghengis Fireworks, we can make your School Prom one to remember with a display that’ll light up the night sky. Add the latest music, and you have a pyrotechnic show that’ll make any School Prom go with a bang.

Graduating is a big milestone in life. School Proms in the UK may be a relatively recent import from the USA, but at Ghengis Fireworks, we think any excuse for a celebration is a good one. Our young people deserve those key moments in their lives, and we believe that the Prom is exactly the kind of event that needs to be marked in style. As one of the UK’s leading firework display specialists, we’ve got the experience, the expertise, and the vision to help your young achievers celebrate in style.

What we do

It’s coming up to the end of term, and you’re getting ready for the Prom. To give your event that wow factor, a Prom firework display is the perfect way to end the evening. We start with a meeting to establish key factors such as:

  • Your budget
  • Your expectations
  • Health & Safety issues
  • Local authorities/school governors liaisons
  • The type of display you want (for example, audio/visual combination, pyrotechnics only, the inclusion of your school colours into the display, messages, pictures or names etc.)
  • Notifying all interested parties about the event

Once we’ve ironed out the details, leave the rest to us. Our expert team will put together a display that suits your requirements and one that’s good enough to impress a group of teenagers on their big day!

On the day

Our professional display team will arrive on the day and do a final safety check to ensure the area is secure. We’ll then set up quietly in the background – you won’t even know we’re here. We’ll continue monitoring and managing the display right up to the moment you signal us for the show to start. You can even have your prom king or queen push the plunger to begin the climax of the evening’s event. Once everything’s over, we’ll do a full clean-up and final safety check.

If this sounds like the perfect accompaniment to your School Prom, call us today and chat with one of our friendly team, or click the button below. We’re here to make your Prom sparkle.