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Valentines Day Firework Displays

Ghengis Fireworks offers Valentines Day Fireworks shows around the UK!

What is Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is a celebration observed on the 14th of February in many countries worldwide.

February the 14th, Valentines Day is a special day for people across the world. And if nothing else, an excellent reason for a date night and to spend time with your special someone.

History of Valentine’s Day

The origins of Valentines Day are unclear, however, the popular belief is that it stems from the story of St Valentine. A Roman priest from the third century who on or around February 14th was sadly martyred.

When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers, he outlawed marriage. St Valentine continued to wed couples, believing this to be unjust. As a result of the discovery of his actions, the emperor ordered his incarceration and eventual death. Legend tells that St Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Whom he would send letters to, signed “from your Valentine”.

Valentines Day is still celebrated today by couples all over the world.

valentines day fireworks
valentines firework displays ghengis fireworks kent
lots of sky lanterns and fireworks in the sky
couple watching fireworks

What can we do for Valentines Day?

Here at Ghengis Fireworks, we often get asked how we can make Valentine’s day extra special with the addition of fireworks?

Valentines Day Fireworks are traditionally a small show, after all, its probably going to be quite cold outside during February. Why not consider one of our smaller packages that we provide at weddings for your special day. A guaranteed beautiful end to Valentine’s Day.

Whether you plan to show your partner they are your one and only or you want to pop the question. A firework show is a beautiful way to celebrate.

The top three reasons you need valentines day fireworks!

Fireworks are very romantic!

Valentine’s day comes around during the frostiest time of year. So imagine being snuggled up with your favourite person. Feeling their warmth with only your cheeks and noses being exposed to the cold air watching breath-taking romantic fireworks.

Why not create a literal spark in your relationship by surprising him or her with our bestselling romantic fireworks?

Fireworks are very romantic!

A well-known fact is that you can’t resist smiling as soon to see firework. As well that smiling makes you more attractive since it stimulates the part of the brain associated with sensory rewards. It will be pretty hard to ignore kissing your partner after a powerful, whizzing, multi-coloured rocket has gone off.

So with feel-good smiles and romance in the air, the perfect kiss is definitely on the cards! Your romantic fireworks evening will guarantee to have you both feeling the love.

Be different!

This year, don’t settle for sending the same Valentines Day gifts as everyone else? So stand above the rest and say I love you in the best way with our fantastic romantic fireworks.

Actions will always speak louder than mere words! So this valentines day show you’re significant other precisely how much they mean to you! And let them know just how special, loved and appreciated they are, with fantastic valentines day fireworks!

Valentines Day Fireworks – Extra Touches:

How about having your loved one push the plunger button to start the show giving them something to remember. Or alternatively, you might want flames or confetti which can be added to your valentines day fireworks just to make it unique. Also as specialists in the art of Lancework, we can create messages in fire to your specification. From Messages, pictures, names to proposals, are all possible in any colour of your choice.

In conclusion, each of the above options is a great addition to a romantic display.

We design each show to your specification as a result we need to know the following:

Venue and firing site locations

It is paramount when putting on a valentines day fireworks show that we meet any requirements the venue may have. Such as restrictions on access as well as noise. Additionally, we will also ascertain the maximum suitable firework size. As well as how many positions we can fire fireworks from in the firing zone. 

Typically we find that three to five locations are best for a magnificent display.

Your Budget

There is no exact formula here, however we can design you a valentines day fireworks show to fit your budget without compromise. With that in mind please note that the minimum starting budget for a valentines day fireworks display is £795.

This minimum budget is due to the additional design work and time required to put together a sophisticated romantic fireworks show.

Enquire About Valentines Day Fireworks

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please do not forget to mention where you are in the country and the venue if you have one.