Sparklers and Portfires

Sparklers are great for weddings and other special events. No bonfire display would be proper without the presence of beautiful sparklers.

Sparklers have been a favourite for generations. Every adult and every child loves being able to decorate the night sky with the beautiful sparks.

They are also brilliant for creating an atmosphere and seem to add a little bit of magic to the night – especially for children.

No child will be able to take the grin off their face whilst they literally write their name in lights. All our sparkler options and sets are excellently priced, and, of course, we only offer the very best on the market.

Portfires are also a must for any ‘safe’ bonfire night. We never recommend using a match to light fireworks as this doesn’t give you adequate time to get away from a lit fuse.

All essentials are above.

Happy browsing.

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