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Compound Fireworks

Fireworks are awesome. But don’t you wish they’d go on just a little bit longer? A single rocket is great, but a whole barrage of them would be even better. An aerial burst is brilliant, but ten or even more has that wow factor dialled up to 11. And that’s where compound fireworks come in. They pack in far more bangs for your buck with a single ignition set-up that makes them perfect for displays, shows and events.

What is a compound firework?

Put simply, it’s a bunch of fireworks all linked together. A single ignition point lights a fuse that sets off each firework in order. How quickly they go off depends on the duration of the fuse and the gap between each firework.

In general, a compound display will last for anything from a minute to up to four minutes, making them a great choice for a simple display. You don’t have to worry about organising the order of your fireworks – a compound firework does all that for you in a single box.

What effects do you get?

You name it, compound fireworks give it. From multiple shots and aerial bursts to every colour you can think of, these doozies pound out blast after blast for a real showstopping display. For example, our best-selling Bunker Buster gives you 200 shots that breaks the display down into four parts. Each part has a sequence of shots that create a dazzling display of sparkles, strobe stars, comet tails and crackling mines.

The object of a compound firework is to create a balanced display that gives you high aerial bursts, mid-range colour clouds packed with sparklers, and low-level mine detonations. Oh, and they’re loud. After all, there’s no point having all the visuals and none of the noise!

Safety first

The big bonus with compound fireworks is that whole ‘single ignition’ bit. As the name suggests, it means that to set off a compound firework, regardless of how many fireworks are in the set, you only have to light it once. So you don’t need to keep lighting each firework individually.

That’s a real plus when it comes to firework safety, too. At Ghengis Fireworks, we really put the emphasis on safety. You’re dealing with explosives when you handle fireworks, so your safety and that of others around you should be absolutely paramount.

Compound fireworks tend to be loud (as we mentioned above). So if you have nervous children or noise-averse adults it may be best that they watch the display from the comfort of the living room. Similarly, if you or the neighbours have pets, keep them indoors and well away from the show.

Professional customers

Compound fireworks make a great foundation for a longer professional display or show. If you’re putting on an event, come and talk to us at Ghengis. We have years of experience in producing and running displays and firework shows. Our team can talk you through the options including F3, and F4 professional standard fireworks (only available to licenced pyrotechnic experts).

Ready to pound the ground with a compound? Check out our selection of compound fireworks or give us a call and talk to one of our team today.