If you’re putting on a garden firework display, fountains are a must-have. These ground-based Bobby-dazzlers light up the whole garden with a fountain of sparkles. Hence the name. They may be compact and family-friendly, but any display worth its salt needs at least a couple of fountains in the mix.

Structuring your display

It might be tempting to fill your firework display with aerial bursts and rockets. But after a while, your audience will end up with stiff necks gazing up into the night sky to see the show. Fountains bring everyone back down to earth with a low-level display that can be just as dramatic. Okay, well, maybe not quite as dramatic as a barrage of rocket blasts, but still enough to make everyone smile.

To get a really good display going, you want to mix up the levels of your fireworks. Fountains take care of the low-level show, along with mines and Catherine Wheels. Fountains produce a display that goes up to around 15-20ft. Think of a volcanic eruption, but much less mass-destruction-y!

Great value for money

At Ghengis Fireworks, we know you want not just a great show, but great value for money, too. And Fountains certainly deliver that in spades. Fountains are long-lasting fireworks, so you’ll get at least a minute’s worth of show from a single firework. Some last even longer, with bigger fountains giving you up to two minutes of Oohs and Ahs from the family.

Family-friendly fireworks

The great thing about fountains for garden firework displays is that they’re very family-friendly. Fountains are low-noise fireworks, so there are no big bangs to frighten noise-averse children and adults. Generally, they need an 8m safety zone, so they’re perfect for the average size garden firework show. They’re colourful, they last for ages, and they’re easy to use – what could be better?

Being safe – how to light a fountain firework

At Ghengis Fireworks, nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing, trumps firework safety in our book. It’s our number one priority when we’re putting on professional shows. And it’s the number one priority for our customers too. Fountains are like any other firework, which means you need to treat them with respect and care.

  • Make sure that the ground you place your firework on is level. Fountains are generally conical in shape, so they’re pretty stable.
  • If you want to avoid damaging the grass, place a concrete slab or piece of wood on the ground before the display, and keep it wet. This way, once the firework burns down the water from the damp wood will help to extinguish it safely.
  • Use one of our Portfires firework lighters and light the top of the fountain.
  • Then stand well back and enjoy the show!

Professional users

Fountains are ideal for creating a low-level display as part of your show. At Ghengis Fireworks, we’ve got years of experience in creating and designing displays that use fountain fireworks. For more information, give us a call and talk to one of our team.

Fire up the fountain, it’s time to put on a show! Browse our fountains online or call us for more details.