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Loud Fireworks

Okay. We confess. At Ghengis Fireworks, we can’t help but love LOUD fireworks. In fact, for us, the louder the better. We have a name for selling some of the loudest fireworks in the UK, and it’s a reputation we’re proud of. We realise that not everyone loves them quite as much as we do. But for those of you who want to create a real impact for your displays, loud fireworks are a must.

Why are fireworks so loud?

Here’s a quick science lesson. Fireworks are explosives and are made up of a concoction of chemicals that when they react, create heat, light and sound. The build-up of heat and gas only takes a fraction of a second. On detonation, a shockwave is produced as a large amount of energy is released inside a small space.

The pressure produced causes compressed air particles to travel faster than the speed of sound (think of a jet breaking through Mach 1 and the boom you get when that happens). The process creates a bang, and that’s what loud fireworks produce.

It depends on the weather…

The loudness of a firework isn’t just down to how much powder it has. It can also depend on the weather. Certain atmospheric conditions can have a big impact on how those sound waves created by the initial detonation travel.

The same fireworks let off on different nights can have different levels of noise. It may be only a couple of decibels either way, but letting fireworks off on a foggy night will muffle the sound, compared to a clear night.

Just how loud is ‘loud’?

Our loud fireworks come in at around 120 decibels. That’s the loudest members of the public are legally allowed to buy in the UK. Anything over that (and some professional pyrotechnics can hit up to 175db) and you’ll need a licence, a lot of experience, ear defenders and a lot of space.

To put that into perspective, an industrial fire alarm hits around 97db, a crying baby can belt out 109db in mid-tantrum, and a live rock band will blow you away at 112db.

Keeping everyone safe

Loud fireworks may be great for some of us, but for others, they can be deeply distressing. Young children may be frightened by loud bangs (it’s instinctive in human beings to react to extremely loud noises). Bear in mind that children’s hearing can be very sensitive, too. If you’re worried that your fireworks may frighten them, you can get child-sized ear defenders to protect them against the loudest bangs. Alternatively, let them watch the show from the comfort of the couch indoors.

Adults can also find loud fireworks traumatic, especially if they suffer from PTSD. If you know that people around you have been traumatised (for example, if they’ve served in a conflict) then consider using quieter options.

And of course, your pets and animals will be frightened of loud bangs. If you’re having a party and using loud fireworks, keep all pets indoors and well away from the area. Out of courtesy, notify your neighbours too, especially if they have animals or pets.

Want to know more?

From Bunker Busters to Dum Dums, Goliath rockets to the Thunder King, our loud fireworks make a showstopping finale. Browse online, or give us a call and talk to one of our team today.

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