They’re the loudest fireworks you can buy. They’ll shake the ground, rattle windows, and impress your friends. They’re mines, they’re ferocious, and at Ghengis Fireworks, we love them.

What are mines?

These ground-pounders come as both single-shot and multi-shot options. They sit on the ground and once lit, fire up blasts into the sky that then detonate with a loud bang. With some mines, you may get a double-blast – one when the firework ignites and a second when the aerial burst happens. Twice the bang, twice the fun.

Mines produce low to medium-level detonations. Compared to rockets, which produce high-altitude detonations that create a big spread, mines create a show at around 30-40ft. So they fill in that gap between ground-based fireworks like fountains and those big showy rockets.

Mortar mines create a single bang that works as a great finale to a show. Alternatively, mine cakes let off a series of detonations in sequence. Whatever type of mine you choose, expect it to be loud.

Are there quiet mines?

Honestly? No. There’s no such thing as a quiet mine. That means if you have nervous young children or noise-averse adults, it might be a good idea to keep them away from these ground-shakers. A pair of ear defenders will help reduce their exposure to the detonation explosion. Alternatively, they can watch the show from the safety of the living room, where a closed window will block out some of the noise but still lets them watch the display.

Mortar mines can also be deeply upsetting to anyone who may have served their country and have been involved in a conflict. If you are planning to let off mortar mines in particular, check with your neighbours first to make sure you don’t trigger an episode of PTSD, or upset noise-averse adults who may be on the autism spectrum.

Mines can also seriously upset pets and animals. Keep farm animals and pets well away from mines at all times.

Safety first

As with all fireworks, it’s important to consider your safety above all else. Mines need a minimum safety distance of at least 8m. Some larger mines like the 16-shot Beast need at least 25m and are not suitable for use in small spaces.

The best way to light a mine is to use one of our Portfires firework lighters. These slow-burning tapers allow you to light your firework and retreat to a safe distance. They’re weatherproof so they won’t blow out just as you’re trying to fire up your mine.

And no matter what you do, NEVER return to a firework once it has been ignited, even if you think it’s gone out. The internal fuse could still be active, and the firework could ignite unexpectedly.

Professional displays

We have mines galore at Ghengis Fireworks, including those that are suitable for larger displays and events. We’re always happy to share our experience in creating show-stopping firework displays. All you have to do is give our team a call and have a chat.

For more mines, browse our selection and blow your firework display up to the next level.